Psilocybin significantly decreased symptoms of OCD after 8 weeks

Frequent cannabis users are leaner and less likely to get diabetes: Study

Employers struggle with state marijuana laws

‘Poison in every puff’: Canada to put warning labels on individual cigarettes

Weight-loss meds like Ozempic may help curb addictive behaviors

FDA clears new buprenorphine option

​Ketamine nasal spray may help treat migraine, study suggests

Alcohol blood tests: Types, benefits & procedure

Rural communities plagued by nonfatal ODs from combined methamphetamine, opioid use

Emergency room admission presents opportunity to start opioid use disorder treatment 

FDA cracks down on illegal sales of popular disposable e-cigarettes

CBD could help naloxone reverse opioid overdoses

White House backs GOP bill to classify fentanyl as Schedule I substance

Smoking cannabis doesn't carry the same risks as tobacco

Which came first, the cannabis or the schizophrenia?

What a new study reveals about ketamine for treatment-resistant major depression

​Researchers investigate racial, ethnic bias when diagnosing alcohol use disorder among veterans

Xylazine: 6 things treatment providers should know

FDA approves new buprenorphine treatment options for opioid use disorder

FDA approves new nasal spray to reverse opioid overdoses

How do psychedelics work in the brain?

​Addressing America’s drug epidemic goes far beyond fentanyl

Colorado’s drug overdose rates higher than any developed country

DEA could issue new rules for Delta-8, synthetic THCs

Positive marijuana drug tests in the American workforce hit 25-year high

Positive marijuana tests following workplace accidents highest in 25 years

Ohio Turnpike to provide naloxone at service plazas

​US overdose deaths may be peaking, but experts are wary

​Earlier smoking cessation may improve lung cancer survival

​Psychedelic therapies for some mental illnesses will soon be legal, but experts still have questions

Washington State limits pre-employment marijuana testing

​Marijuana use may increase risk of leg artery disease

​Access to cannabis for cancer patients is not equitable

​Fentanyl-related deaths among kids rising, Yale study says

Study targets rising cocaine use disorder

​Arizona funds psilocybin research

Methadone treatment does help curb fentanyl, heroin use, study shows

FDA updating misuse warnings on amphetamines and other prescription stimulants ​

Behavioral changes in cocaine use disorder are linked to altered patterns of gene activity

Study funded by U.S. government will evaluate impact of overdose prevention centers

So what’s the big deal about addiction?

Buprenorphine vastly underprescribed, especially by race

Regulators struggle to keep up as pot becomes more potent

Assessment of medical cannabis and health-related quality of life

DEA extends telehealth pandemic era policy that allows prescribing of controlled substances

Mothers experiencing addiction differently than men (Video)

​To ease start of addiction treatment, doctors find surprise aid: ketamine

​Fentanyl-related deaths among children increased more than 30-fold between 2013 and 2021

Oregon licenses first psilocybin service center

New DEA requirements may limit access to buprenorphine

The future of ketamine therapy

Why involuntary treatment for addiction is a dangerous idea

Ageism, stigma hinders response to senior alcohol use disorder

​Sounds from nature: A soothing remedy for gambling addiction

​Eating disorders among teens more severe than ever

​Ibogaine inspires new compounds to treat addiction, depression

Alcohol-related deaths continued to increase in 2021

Diphenhydramine: An adulterant found in illicit street drugs

US Health and Human Services launches new website to help people find support for issues with mental health or substance use

​Young men at highest risk of schizophrenia linked with cannabis use disorder

Researchers identify association between stimulant therapy for ADHD and rates of stimulant misuse among teens

Cocaine comeback in Chicago area vexes law enforcement

Medicinal cannabis 'safe and effective' pain relief method for cancer patients, study suggests

​FDA approves first over-the-counter naloxone nasal spray

US announces crackdown on Darknet fentanyl trafficking

CDC: Fentanyl overdose deaths increased 279% over recent years

Novel approaches to engaging emerging adults with risky alcohol use and enhancing the efficacy of alcohol brief motivational interventions

​In the United States of Adderall

Trial: Functional scoring a better guide to neonatal opioid withdrawal

Research suggests even moderate alcohol consumption can harm the brain

Drinking & driving in the senior years: A recipe for disaster?

Fentanyl deaths have spiked among U.S. children and teens

US adult cigarette smoking rate hits new all-time low

​In Philadelphia, harm reduction experts help communities fight xylazine addiction

The latest promising long COVID treatment? Psychedelic drugs

Social determinants of health can’t be extricated from addiction science

US could soon approve MDMA therapy 

The economics of addiction

For doctors: Here's how to start treating alcohol use d​isorders

Asymmetry in the nucleus accumbens may be linked with substance dependence

Hallucination-like perceptions are associated with elevated dopamine in the striatum in mice

Marijuana use is up among older adults

Ageism, stigma hinders response to senior alcohol use disorder

Father’s alcohol consumption before conception linked to FAS

​Women less likely to seek substance use treatment due to stigma, logistics

​Scientists identify pattern of brain activation that differentiates drug users from non-users

Naloxone is coming to a concert near you

​Patients who visit their primary care doctor for opioid addiction treatment reduce their overdose risk

How drinking alcohol fuels chronic pain

1 in 4 students misuse ADHD drugs in parts of U.S.

ONDCP designates fentanyl-xylazine combo as emerging drug threat

Buprenorphine used to treat fentanyl distress produces few adverse reactions

Placebo + Methadone Improves OUD Treatment Retention

Oregon's psilocybin experiment advances

​Nicotine addiction linked to functional alterations in brain’s white matter

​School prevalence of stimulant therapy for ADHD associated with higher rates of Rx stimulant misuse among teens

Untangling the Adderall snafu

​7 facts about Americans and marijuana

​Study shows patterns of opioid prescribing linked to suicide risk

A staggering increase in methamphetamine deaths

Open-label placebo improved outcomes for people in treatment for opioid use disorder

​Youth binge drinking predicts higher risk of alcohol use disorder later in life

Creating sustainable homes for prevention services

Misuse of Adderall promotes stigma and mistrust for patients who need it

​China’s role in the fentanyl crisis

Changes in normal brain connections linked to eating disorders

European shamans used psychedelics 3,000 years ago

LSD reduces anxiety, comorbid symptoms in study

Fatal drug ODs among U.S. seniors have quadrupled in 20 years

Experts express 'grave concerns' over DEA's proposed telemedicine rule

U.S. 'flying blind' when it comes to data on substance use in pregnancy

Cannabis not recommended for treatment of ADHD

​China’s role in the fentanyl crisis

Cocaine use soars in Europe

Fear of family separation a barrier to SUD care during pregnancy

​“Mad honey”: The rare hallucinogen from the mountains of Nepal

Sex, lies, and LSD: The CIA’s untold story of Operation Midnight Climax

Reason #2 that scheduling tranq won't work-A dreaded chemistry lesson from Hell

Pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorder associated with lower odds of liver disease

Latinos had been spared the worst of the opioid crisis, but now overdose deaths are skyrocketing 

​Newly available test strips can detect lethal ‘tranq’ in drug supply

The player-coaches of addiction recovery: Work without boundaries

Buprenorphine initiation in the ER found safe and effective for individuals with OUD who use fentanyl


FDA approves first over-the-counter naloxone nasal spray

Cannabis use common in post-surgery patients on opioid tapering

Some opioid use disorder patients spike drug tests with buprenorphine, JAMA study finds

Just 1 in 5 patients with alcohol-related diagnosis prescribed medication to treat AUD

Comparison with Canada highlights poor access to U.S. methadone treatment

​Methadone doses haven’t kept up in the age of fentanyl. A new rule aims to help

Two mothers sue hospitals over drug tests after eating poppy seed bagels

New NIH study reveals shared genetic markers underlying substance use disorders

A 50-fold increase in deaths related to methamphetamine has been recorded since 1999.

Mississippi on track to ban 'gas station heroin' 

DEA pumps the brakes on Congress’ move to increase access to SUD treatment

Changes in alcohol consumption linked with levels of cancer risk

DEA knew for years fentanyl-tainted pills from Mexican pharmacies were killing Americans

​First group of students trained in psilocybin therapy graduate from training

What recovery looks like when you have an eating disorder

Subtypes indicating success of psychedelic experiences identified

New scientific evidence on the transition from recreational to compulsive use of drugs

​Illinois looks at legalizing psilocybin to treat mental health issues​​

Ontario sees big jump in amphetamine-related ER  visits

Dodgy science, poor access and high prices: The parallel medical world of medicinal marijuana in America

Opioids are leading cause of child poisoning deaths

​HHS secretary signals support for new restriction on SUD treatment

Doctors experiment with LSD as treatment for anxiety

FDA issues final guidance for cannabis in clinical settings

More companies decide to stop screening new hires for marijuana

Ketamine’s effect on brain could help explain mechanisms behind psychosis

Why are ketamine ads following me around the Internet?

​Oregon starts approving psilocybin permits and licenses

The science of psilocybin and its effects on the brain

​As naloxone treatment becomes more widespread heroin use is not on the rise among adolescents

Immune system drug can significantly reduce alcohol consumption

Why eating cannabis edibles feels so different from smoking weed

​Study finds cannabis vaping more harmful than nicotine vaping

The ‘wild west’ of ketamine treatment

Findings on food addiction in older US adults raise caution flag

Cannabis use disorder triples risk of depression, anxiety

New study: Psilocybin significantly reduced depressive symptoms

Australia is about to legalize MDMA and psilocybin for medicinal use. So how will it work?

​Personal use of psychedelics among therapists may be common, study finds

High number of traffic fatalities attributed to DUI, speeding​

Marijuana laced with fentanyl? Claims unfounded, doctor says

FDA takes action to restrict unlawful import of xylazine

Health benefits of cannabis

No notable rise in psychosis diagnoses, prescriptions in states that legalized cannabis

Controlled substance prescriptions to be limited using telehealth


DEA proposed rule on remote prescribing draws criticism

The ​FDA is the right agency to regulate CBD, but it needs help

Potential link between marijuana legalization and asthma

Daily cannabis use increases risk of heart disease, study finds

As cannabis legalization advances, patient–physician communication essential

Chicago is seeing an increase in fatal methamphetamine overdoses. ​Here’s why.

Trauma causes high levels of intergenerational substance use among Black women

​Amid fentanyl crisis, first-of-its-kind study to evaluate expanded methadone access

​Alcohol consumption could accelerate Alzheimer’s disease

​Pregnant people with substance use disorders need treatment, not criminalization

Will Xylazine become a controlled substance?

​Yale digs into the science of cannabis

FDA advisors endorse moving naloxone over the counter

​Pill for skin disease also curbs excessive drinking​​

Long-acting antiretroviral therapy suppresses HIV among people with unstable housing, mental illnesses, substance use

Psychoactive drug schedule classification out of synch with psychiatrists' views

Researchers identify breakthrough in understanding fentanyl misuse

Helping patients with attentional difficulties and maladaptive use of psychoactive s​ubstances

Study finds 'staggering increase' in methamphetamine deaths tied to opioid co-use

AI can help design drugs to treat opioid addiction

Why making "rules" for drinking may not help you

Is any amount of alcohol safe?

It depends on your taste for risk

Pharmacies in Mexico “disguise” methamphetamine and fentanyl as prescription drugs

Cocaine use disorder leads to changes in the 'methylome' of a brain region

Scientific highs and lows of cannabinoids

Rural communities plagued by nonfatal ODs from combined methamphetamine and opioid use

Cannabis may interfere with pregnancy​

Safe injection sites have gained a foothold in the US. Are more on the way?

​Dentists develop opioid use plan

Opioid tapering can disrupt primary care bond, lead to more ED visits

Cannabis has same effect on adolescents and adults

Cancer prevention and heart health:The role of alcohol

Is cannabis use increasing schizophrenia?

I tried at-home ketamine therapy. I wish I'd never done it.

Sleeping pills linked to higher risk for dementia

Hospitalization and death rates associated with pharmacological treatments for amphetamine use disorders

What doctors should know about xylazine in fentanyl

Vancouver embarks on bold experiment to decriminalize hard drugs

Police prepare to stop stoned drivers ahead of cannabis legalization in Maryland

​Teen substance use rebounds after pandemic

Antihistamines a common contributor in opioid overdoses

U.S. FDA calls for new regulatory framework for use of CBD

Positive cannabis tests among truck drivers grow by 32%

Different paradigms of ketamine treatment

New Drug Application for opioid overdose drug Nalmefene accepted

Can plant-based diets help us overcome addiction?

​Drug overdose deaths among seniors have more than tripled in two decades

Multiple addictive disorders influenced by same genes in study

Adverse experiences in childhood contribute to risky drinking among children of those with alcohol use disorders

Fentanyl test strips save lives, yet most states ban them as “drug paraphernalia”

Buprenorphine prescribing declines in youth as overdoses rise

Professor co-leads study on treating late-stage cancer patients with psilocybin​

​Making naloxone available over the counter won’t solve the overdose crisis — but it will help

Why 2023 could be a pivotal year for psychedelic-assisted treatment

Cannabis use and pregnancy

Massachusetts is first state to add marijuana component to drivers' ed classes

Medical group addresses perioperative cannabis use

Will isotonitazene be our new overdose crisis drug?

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy and binge drinking

Marijuana and kids don't mix

​Flavored cannabis marketing criticized for targeting children

Boulder is buying a home for people to live in while recovering from methamphetamine use disorder

Researchers hopeful new study shows psilocybin as treatment for opioid use disorder

Methadone on the phone: Virtual addiction treatment weighed

​When recreational cannabis is legal, codeine demand drops

​Scientists discover way to alter fentanyl, making the potent pain reliever safer

​Overdose deaths involving buprenorphine did not proportionally increase with new flexibilities in prescribing

Study finds no evidence prenatal benzodiazepine exposure heightens ADHD, ASD risk

MAT for OUD initiated by pharmacists increases patient engagement in pilot

​‘Microdosing’ allowed under Oregon’s new psilocybin program

Survey finds 21% of "dry January" participants use cannabis instead of alcohol

UK university probes if ketamine can help against problem gambling

When states legalize cannabis, teens' asthma rates rise

Report: Children under 14 dying from fentanyl poisoning at faster rate than any other age group

​Push for over-the-counter naloxone may not help most vulnerable

California EDs report 1800% rise in pot-related visits for senior citizens

Federal agency urges states to mandate marijuana-Impaired driving warning labels

Asymmetry in the nucleus accumbens may be linked with substance dependence

Blinding in clinical trials investigating psychedelic medicine remains difficult, potentially impacting results

Jail treats inmates with substance use issues to break the cycle of recidivism

Doctors prescribing to their patients did not mean create the US opioid crisis

Cirrhosis of the liver a 'silent epidemic' among young adults, women

Different patterns of polysubstance use predict relapse for people in treatment for opioid use disorders

Cannabis-related ED visits among older adults on the rise

​A bill that would have impacted racial disparity in cocaine crimes died in the Senate

Drug overdose deaths among seniors have more than tripled in two decades

First-In-kind psychedelic trials treat opioid and methamphetamine use disorders

​Unique program combines treatments for alcohol-related liver disease and addiction

Access to care during the pandemic linked to fewer methadone-related overdose deaths

Chronic THC exposure in adolescence linked with memory loss, anxiety

Major depressive episode patients: Safety and efficacy of ketamine Vs. electroconvulsive therapy

These specialists supervise psilocybin trips

Insomnia medications show promise in fighting addiction

​New York’s supervised injection sites have halted nearly 700 overdoses in just over a year

Scientists explore using psychedelics to treat alcohol, drug use disorders

A single, moderate dose of psilocybin reduces depressive symptoms for at least two weeks, controlled study finds

DEA warns that ADHD overprescription could be as bad as opioid crisis

Number of children who accidentally ate cannabis edibles up 1375% in five years

​Endocarditis in patients with cocaine or opioid use disorder markedly increased between 2011 and 2022

​Psilocybin, DMT and other psychedelic plants are officially decriminalized in Colorado

FDA gives priority review to OTC naloxone nasal spray

New CDC data detail overlap of substance misuse, psychiatric disorders

Amid backlash from chronic pain sufferers, CDC drops hard thresholds from opioid guidance

Study warns of ‘kratom use disorder’

​House approves bill legalizing marijuana

​Medical marijuana doesn't help anxiety and depression and doubles addiction risk, new study finds

FDA speeds up review of naloxone

Psychedelic drugs may launch a new era in psychiatric treatment, brain scientists say

A surprising consequence of cannabis legalization: Higher alcohol consumption

Buprenorphine reduces risk of adverse neonatal outcomes

​Psychedelic therapies are on the horizon, but who will administer the drugs?

Another anti-vaping study debunked

New project seeks to combat methamphetamine addiction crisis with financial incentives

Neuroscientists are tripping out over psychedelics

Under new rules, methadone clinics can offer more take-home doses. Will they?

Cannabis legalization reduces arrests more than decriminalization—But it may have limits

Cheap weed has become a big problem in the pot industry

Strong opioids and those with long half-life linked to greater risk for newborns

Kaiser cuts pain prescriptions, impacting patients

FDA green lights new study testing IV ketamine for depression

People addicted to opioids rarely get life-saving medications. That may change.

Massachusetts to adopt cannabis-impaired driver’s education

Fentanyl being mixed into drugs has health experts concerned

U.S. Justice Department moves to eliminate cocaine sentencing disparity

Black men driving increase in opioid overdose deaths in older adults

SAMHSA proposes update to federal rules to expand access to OUD treatment and help close gap in care

Scientists create chemical compound that can reverse effects of fentanyl and methamphetamine (YouTube)

Drug misuse trends and treatment approaches for 2023

Teen cannabis use has increased 245% over 20 years

Opioid use disorders in older people older people: Is MAT helpful?

Medication-assisted treatment: ‘Counseling works on one part of the brain and the medication works on another part’

US study: Over half of car crash victims had drugs in system

Most reported substance use among adolescents held steady in 2022

How Colorado's radical decriminalization efforts may herald a new era for psychedelics

Ketamine plus therapy could help treat alcohol use disorder

Marijuana use rather than alcohol use increases in American youth

ER visits due to alcohol use raise risk of death within a year

DEA finalizes cuts in 2023 prescription opioid supply

​SUD treatment got easier during Covid. A new proposal would keep it that way

Alcohol abstinence essential even in advanced liver cirrhosis, finds study

Increasing stimulant prescriptions to prevent overdose deaths in an acute Adderall shortage

Endocarditis in patients with cocaine or opioid use disorder markedly increased between 2011 to 2022

Very few Americans know drinking alcohol increases cancer risk, study finds

Perinatal drug overdose deaths rose 81% in recent years

Police attitudes on naloxone use for overdose improved with pharmacists' help

Mixed results for cannabis as treatment for lower back pain

Cannabis, other drugs linked with increased risk of atrial fibrillation

Congress has its sights set too low on addiction, advocates charge

Single-item measure helps providers screen for cannabis use disorder 

FACT SHEET: One year after release of its groundbreaking overdose prevention strategy, HHS announces new data showing nation has expanded its ability to treat addiction and save lives

Benzodiazepine use and the risk of dementia

Prevalence of methamphetamine-related heart failure increasing

​Buprenorphine may be safer than methadone for opioid use disorder in pregnancy

Study shows how ketamine administration starkly changes neuronal activity patterns in the brain

Medical marijuana associated with reduced pain and opioid related outcomes in cancer patients

Benzodiazepines used to treat sleep associated with heightened risk for overdose risk among teens

​Status of state cannabis legalization: November 2022

​Expanding ketamine’s horizons to treat rare neurological disorders

Cannabis use increases pain after surgery, study shows

National Park Service asks visitors to please stop licking toads

Origins of opioid crisis more complex than stated

Vaping may increase risk of cavities

Are cannabinoids key to harm reduction in OUD?

​As states legalized marijuana, alcohol use increased: study

Senate passes marijuana medication bill

​Adderall users struggle amid ongoing medication shortage

NIDA director calls for broad deregulation of methadone

Fentanyl vaccine stops opioid entering the brain in rats, clearing path to human studies

​When it comes to addiction, Americans’ word choices are part of the problem

Why target opioids when alcohol is a much bigger problem?

​Study details worsening racial disparities in opioid use disorder treatment

Naloxone may not work for opioid overdoses tainted with xylazine

Colorado becomes second state to legalize psilocybin

Studies investigate antipsychotics as adjuncts to opioid use disorder meds

Brain-gut connection may reveal way to prevent cocaine addiction

“Dynamic” drug crisis demands data-driven federal action

​FDA naloxone guidance helps harm-reduction groups’ work to save lives

Air Force says we need to increase research into psychedelics for veterans with PTSD

Letter from FDA warns of the danger of xylazine exposure in humans 

​Parental discord may be an indicator of children's genetic risk for future alcohol misuse

​Obstacles and opportunities: how psychedelic medicine can rise to its challenges

Alcohol-related deaths saw massive increase during COVID-19 pandemic, CDC says

1 in 5 deaths of US adults 20 to 49 is from excessive drinking, study shows

State opioid treatment program regulations put evidence-based care out of reach for many

Treatment outcomes of ketamine- assisted psychotherapy associated with temporary neural changes​​

Human cocaine and heroin tied to impairments in specific brain circuit

​CDC softens guidelines for doctors prescribing opioid painkillers

​Voters in some of the most conservative states to weigh in on recreational pot

Ketamine and esketamine for depression: Lessons learned in clinical practice

Opioid misuse fell during pandemic, but not among sexual minorities

Harm reduction experts, LE officials debunk fentanyl exposure myths

​One alcoholic drink a day reduces fertility success in men by nine per cent, study finds

​Cocaine is flooding into Europe as drug market continues to evolve

Senators urge Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to address rising substance use problems among older Americans

Large national survey suggests that the use of psychedelics is not associated with lifetime cancer development

​Ending hunger could be the first step toward ending the opioid epidemic

Caffeine searches spike after FDA announces nationwide Adderall shortage

​Adderall shortage impacts patients nationwide

Teen vaping: The 'epidemic' with no end

​Is 'rainbow fentanyl' a threat to your kids this Halloween? Experts say no

Biking while intoxicated sending thousands to the ED

​Biden's pardon of marijuana offenses won't apply to military

Thousands of marijuana convictions to be pardoned by Biden administration

LSD for anxiety: A deep dive into a new clinical trial

The online, at-home ketamine experience: A clinician's dilemma

​Many young people are misusing Adderall-what can clinicians do about it?

​Biden to pardon simple federal marijuana possession convictions​​

New NIDA strategic plan prioritizes research informed by lived experience

Read NIDA's 2022-26 Strategic Plan here

Interest grows in treatment of mood disorders by psychedelics

​A drug based on LSD appears to treat depression in mice without the psychedelic trip

It's time to embrace opioid use disorder meds in the ED, experts say

Fentanyl test strips highlight rift in nation’s struggle to combat drug deaths

Opioid and benzodiazepine co-prescribing not curbed by prescription pharmacy alerts

​Regular marijuana use may increase the risk of overactive bladder

Read the full paper here in the American Journal of Medicine

​An animal tranquilizer poisoning the heroin supply has drug policy experts worried

​California Public Health warns of deadly 'rainbow fentanyl'

Access to care during pandemic linked to fewer methadone-related overdose deaths

More $$ on the way to fight the opioid overdose crisis, White House says

​A 'failed experiment? 2 years after Oregon’s historic move to decriminalize hard drugs

FDA aims to boost access to naloxone

New study identifies cortisol level as indicator of addiction recovery success

Artificial intelligence tools speed up the process of identifying people who inject drugs

In Canada, program that supplies safe opioids to clients is saving lives

Miami clinic kicks off first national study of LSD to treat anxiety

Heart medication shows potential as treatment for alcohol use disorder

Addiction and recovery: A philosopher's view

Drug paraphernalia kiosks In Kentucky should help reduce the harms of drug prohibition​

 Gabapentin's massive flop as an opioid alternative

​Looking at images of people smiling at you extends the antidepressant effects of ketamine

As cannabis legalization advances, patient–physician communication essential

NIDA releases its 2022-2026 strategic plan​

Heart medication shows potential as treatment for alcohol use disorder​

California becomes 7th state to protect workers who smoke marijuana off-the-clock

Opioid tapering linked to higher rates of overdose, mental health crisis​

Could monoclonal antibodies could be a game changer for treating meth addiction?

Stimulant-induced persistent psychotic disorder: New treatment potential

World anti-doping agency retains ban on marijuana in sports

US Court of Appeals: Federal scheduling of cannabis “irrational,” but not unconstitutional

Providers face multiple challenges working with cannabis use disorder clients

Study shows gene editing may hold promise for reversing effects of adolescent binge drinking

Study shows alcohol-involved suicide deaths increased more among women than men​

Ending telehealth cuts off a vital tool against opioid addiction​

Prenatal cannabis exposure associated with mental disorders in children that persist into early adolescence

Drug tests show pain patients on opioids less likely to use illicit drugs

Methamphetamine users at increased risk for cardiovascular disease

Psilocybin as a promising treatment for alcohol use disorder

British Columbia to temporarily decriminalize cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA

Opioid addiction and overdoses are increasingly harming Black communities​

FDA targets illegal online opioid retailers in new overdose prevention framework

Scientific deevelopments drive evolution of addiction recovery​

Why are there still no treatments for methamphetamine use disorder?

Juul’s big settlement to unlikely to overhaul the e-cigarette landscape​

Researchers suggest it's time for updated warning labels on alcoholic beverages

Residential vs. outpatient treatment for OUD: Which one of them works best?

Alcohol consumption as a senior: 3 risk factors

Want to know more about substance use disorders in older adults?

Take our 2.5 CEU course 

A new pain killer with no addiction potential and fewer side effects?

Study finds naloxone will cost you dearly if you're uninsured

The prospects for TNX-1300, a drug to reverse cocaine overdose

​Medical association to create 1st guidelines for diagnosing, treating ADHD

​Medical cannabis shows promise as potential migraine treatment

Click here to read the full study in Frontiers in Neurology

RAND Corporation: U.S. should pilot supervised injection sites, heroin-assisted treatment

New $17M Johns Hopkins research center to study psychedelic drugs in Alzheimer's, addiction and more

​Why Canada's low-risk alcohol use guidelines have been slashed to six drinks per week

Use of telehealth during the pandemic tied to fewer opioid overdoses

​NYC child welfare agency still citing marijuana in family separations despite legalization, state policy change

Drug czar​ Rahul Gupta says stigma among doctors is key culprit in addiction crisis

Nonmedical use of gabapentin, opioids medications becomes  prevalent

​Michigan police say faulty marijuana tests could impact more than 3,250 cases

Rural overdose rate increase fueled by methamphetamine

The FDA is at a crossroads for reducing tobacco-related disease and death

Study reveals fentanyl’s effects on the brain

Enhanced definition of drug overdose deaths finds fentanyl Is most often illicitly manufactured

Addiction management is key to treating heart infection in people who inject drugs

Marijuana use is outpacing cigarette use for first time ever in US, new poll says

Five areas where “more research” isn’t needed to curb the overdose crisis

Modelers predict huge wave of overdose deaths will soon occur​

Increased Use of Telehealth for Opioid Use Disorder Services During COVID-19 Pandemic Associated with Reduced Risk of Overdose

​FDA chief says long-awaited opioid review still in the works

Methamphetamine misuse increases risk of adverse health outcomes

Fentanyl test strips are catching on with cocaine users

They’re pushing cut-rate ketamine therapy on TikTok

​Aging changes how body reacts to alcohol, drugs

​Years into a nationwide overdose epidemic, many with opioid addiction still aren't getting treatment medication

​Michigan State Police halt blood tests for marijuana over accuracy concerns

High-potency marijuana more likely to result in SUD, psychosis

​Illicit drugs are used by one in ten intensive cardiac care unit patients

​Legalizing recreational cannabis in the U.S. has increased frequency of use by 20%

They call it ‘tranq’ — and it’s making street drugs even more dangerous 

High-nicotine vapes don’t increase nicotine use compared with smoking, study finds

​Opioid addiction treatment is collateral damage in online prescription backlash

1 in 4 seniors who take Xanax, Valium use them long term

Psychiatrists disagree with US policy on certain psychoactive drugs: survey

​Delving deeper into social health of methamphetamine users

The FDA stands by as the vaping industry flouts its orders

What is 'rainbow fentanyl?' Nationwide, officials report 'deadly' colorful pills, powder

Marijuana and hallucinogen use among young adults reached all time-high in 2021

Half of Americans think marijuana is bad for society

Nicotine replacement therapy may also reduce alcohol consumption

Providers must be cognizant of LGBTQ patients’ unique treatment needs

Adderall shortage may impact individuals with ADHD

Ketamine: A new psychedelic treatment

Methamphetamine use, OD deaths, and arrests soared from 2015 to 2019

For college students battling addiction, a safe space for recovery

Gabapentin's link to fatal drug overdoses draws concern

Legalizing marijuana? Stay wary of health risks and commercialization

​Meth use drives overdose epidemic in rural U.S. communities

Adult-use cannabis legalization reduces use of synthetic cannabinoids

Read the full study here in ​Clinical Toxicology 

The Illinois Cannabis Social-Equity Program: Toward a socially just peace in the war on drugs? 

Pilot program provides mental health, substance abuse support in Indiana jails

​Black adults’ experiences with drug treatment charted in new study

Details of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act: A Senate bill

NIAAA: Fall semester--A time for parents to discuss the risks of college drinking

Cannabis and lower COVID hospitalizations-Is there a connection? 

Most eutylone-involved deaths in 2020 cccurred in two states



Access to care during pandemic linked to fewer methadone-related OD deaths

Senators seek help for seniors struggling with opioid use

Psychedelics are having a moment and women could be the ones to benefit

Sleep medication use is dropping dramatically, study shows

100K naloxone doses ease national shortage

Housing is one of the most important parts of addiction recovery — and often the most difficult to access

Providing free rides could help people in addiction recovery

​Once feared, illicit fentanyl is now a drug of choice for many opioid users

Delta-8 THC: Experts warn that not all cannabis alternatives are safe

Telehealth improves MAT engagement among vets with OUD

High-potency cannabis linked with addiction, other disorders

Origins of opioid crisis more complex than stated

Taking Adderall Is basically the same as using methamphetamine, says study

City of Chicago issues warning about fentanyl for those using drugs at Lollapalooza

Overdose death rates before and after take-home methadone policy

Vaping may open the door to cannabis use in teens

Partnership for a Drug-Free Community distributes fentanyl test strips

​US study finds cocaine production in Columbia remained near record levels in 2021

Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act to be introduced in Congress

Methamphetamine-associated psychosis: What should clinicians know?

Cannabis concerns for kids 

Nearly half of drivers use potentially impairing medications, AAA study says

Calls for opioid agonist treatments to be used in the treatment of injecting-related infections

Weed vapes may send a toxic gas to your lungs, study finds

​Marijuana use is higher among US states that have legalized recreational cannabis use

Visualizing the impact of the opioid overdose crisis


Continue buprenorphine perioperatively for patients with opioid use disorder, Societies recommend

As overdose deaths exploded during the pandemic, racial disparities widened, CDC report shows

CDC nixes misleading video about cops' risk of fentanyl overdose

Research Update: MDMA and psilocybin for pain management

​Largest-ever clinical study of ketamine therapy shows that at-home model can be a safe, effective treatment for anxiety and depression

State court system says it’s not responsible for county judges banning opioid addiction medication

Drinking alcohol poses greater health risks for young people vs. older adults

Suvorexant may ease symptoms during opioid withdrawal therapy

Do young adults really 'age out' of heavy drinking?

University of Iowa study finds brain network linked to addiction

Partnership to End Addiction launches RxAware - a program to curb opioid misuse and educate families

Young adults who drink alone more likely to develop alcohol problems

The truth about ADHD medications 

White releases National Drug Control Strategy

Better outcomes tied to more HCV treatment for people who inject drugs

FDA appears to hold off on crackdown on synthetic nicotine products, despite calls from Congress

​Democratic senators hit Biden for 'extraordinarily disappointing' stance on marijuana

Preaddiction—A missing concept for treating substance use disorders

A bold U.K. plan to end the smoking epidemic

Congressional leaders urge psychedelics research for PTSD and depression

​How gambling addiction has affected younger generation

What to know about hangovers and whether those 'cures' actually work

Study of pre-teens yields surprises about alcohol, tobacco and marijuana

The problem of porn addiction

Adolescents more vulnerable to cannabis use disorder but not other mental health risks

Landmark SCOTUS ruling recognizes opioid prescriber good-faith defense

Lack of vitamin D may increase risk of OUD and sun-seeking behavior

New Tennessee law requires doctors to offer Narcan prescriptions alongside opioid prescriptions

Therapeutic use of cannabis: Risks, benefits, legality

​Research Snapshot: Finding confirms process by which ketamine acts as an antidepressant

Targeting a brain receptor to alter opioid effects

California may require labels on pot products to warn of mental health risks

More older adults at risk for substance use

Patients in treatment facilities cite alcohol, cannabis as most commonly used drugs

Pandemic revealed unique aspects of sexual addictions

NIH scientists identify new brain mechanism involved in impulsive cocaine-seeking in rats

Medical cannabis legalization linked to reduced drunk driving and safer roads


​New data-driven simulation model projects national opioid crisis to worsen before it gets better

Heightened risk of AUD linked with binge consumption in moderate drinkers

Significant intervention opportunities missed in alcohol-related liver disease deaths


Alarming increase seen in U.S. deaths from alcoholic cirrhosis

The great microdosing debate

FDA orders Juul to stop selling E-cigarettes

Double standards undermine campaign against flavored E-cigarettes

How teens talk about alcohol and other drugs can predict future misuse

Opioid misuse and the role of naloxone

Video series

​Middle East in grip of Captagon contagion

What is Captagon?

Read our fact sheet here

​Patients with opioid addiction could soon lose access to virtual care

Brain circuits and addiction

Read the paper in Nature here

​Medical pros trained in acupuncture detoxification to help treat substance use disorder

Self-care and telemedicine coaching to treat chronic pain and OUD

Non-marijuana plants that contain cannabinoids

Chronic PTSD, comorbid depression symptoms improved with ketamine

'How to Change Your Mind' trailer turns to psychedelics for mental health treatment

Pre-op opioid use predicts post-op consumption

HHS announces availability of $10 million for rural communities to expand treatment in response to opioid overdoses

New Hampshire hospital lost nearly 8 gallons of fentanyl

​52 new psychoactive substances reported in Europe

Unique barriers to mental health, SUD care affect first responders

Fentanyl may cause autism-like behavior in young mice

Longer MAT engagement linked with better outcomes for OUD patients

​Fake pills influencing Ohio’s historic overdose rates

Pennsylvania to begin issuing fines for unlicensed recovery houses

Concern about drug addiction has declined in U.S., even in areas where fatal overdoses have risen the most

Beyond Ritalin and Adderall

Many pharmacies don’t carry buprenorphine​

How psilocybin may rewire the brain to ease depression, anxiety and more

Use of opioid tool can limit exposure in those at risk for dependence

Wearable device would identify, treat potential opioid overdose

New intake screening processes improve healthcare in jails

Pregnant women's drinking correlates with their partner's drinking

Fewer substance use disciplinary actions against docs may reflect less stigma

HHS invests nearly $15 million to prevent and treat stimulant use in rural communities

With stimulant crisis evolving, treatment providers respond with multi-faceted approach

​Want to know more about treating stimulant use disorders?Take our 5 CEU course.

Prescriptions of opioids-plus-benzodiazepines plummet in U.S.

LGBTQ+, family & substance use

Buprenorphine benefits some chronic pain patients, but not all

Opioid use disorder treatment with buprenorphine or naltrexone helps with co-occurring depression and suicidal ideation

Medical marijuana: CBD, THC content matters for chronic pain

Utah pets now have a safe place to stay if their owners enter SUD treatment

LSD microdosing does not appear to improve mood or cognitive ability

Drinking surged early in the pandemic; Alcohol-related deaths, liver disease followed

​Four new Illinois laws could prevent opioid overdose deaths, make treatment easily available

Is pot really safe? Tales from the ER

Ruling limiting mental health benefits undermines fight against addiction, three AGs say

Molecular ‘connector’ helps cocaine latch on to brain cells, even when drug is in low doses

Dependence on benzodiazepines leads physicians to coin new diagnosis

Methamphetamine psychosis vs. schizophrenia: What's the difference?

​Unrecognized alcoholic hepatitis linked to higher mortality, hospitalization

Taliban eradicating Afghanistan's poppy cultivation to wipe out opium and heroin production

New study shows longer medication treatment timelines more effective at preventing opioid overdoses

​Methamphetamine found in MDMA tablets for the first time in New Zealand

ADHD meds don’t lead to higher grades or more learning, FIU study finds

Campaign tackling stigma finds success by being deliberately different

Hunt for psilocybin faces DEA hurdle to Right to Try

Understanding ketamine’s action on potassium channels could help to improve treatment of depression

Researchers examine better treatment options as OUD continues to increase

Decreased access to buprenorphine significantly affects minorities with OUD

Treating cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome in the emergency department

While often helpful, beware of technology’s potential for misuse in recovery

Cannabis research has rocketed in recent years, despite prohibition

British Columbia to decriminalize cocaine, opioids and ecstasy

Scientists are developing a patch that warns of oncoming drug overdose

Cannabis tourism in the US adds $17 billion into local economies

Marijuana, CBD and Alzheimer’s: Everything you need to know

Does sugar make coffee's benefits less sweet?

Improving care in teens with opioid use disorder

​Indiana overdose deaths reach record high for second consecutive year

Dual diagnosis: Double the stigma, double the trouble

Neuroscientists gain a deeper understanding of how LSD affects molecular brain activity

CDC revised opioid prescribing guideline falls short of what people in pain need

Intranasal ketamine may offer relief for headache patients who have exhausted other options

​1 billion methamphetamine pills: The number of seized drugs reaches ominous record in Asia

College students and misuse of substances

​Misuse of stimulant medications is linked to hallucinations, delusional infestations, and hair pulling

Investing in prevention makes good financial sense

The surprising way psilocybin alters brain chemistry to treat depression


Rhode Island becomes 19th state to legalize recreational marijuana

​California debates opening supervised sites for people to use drugs

​Colorado governor signs controversial fentanyl bill into law

Single psilocybin dose improves treatment-resistant depression

See our new course, "Treating Mental Health Disorders with Ketamine, MDMA and the Hallucinogens" 

Why decentralization & digitization could be the key to unlock the future of addiction care

​Medication for pediatric psychiatric disorders reduces later onset of substance use problems

Rewards for staying off drugs work, and now Oregon is poised to pay for them

Opioid use disorder training in med school improves awareness of patient needs

​FDA warns about children mistaking marijuana edibles for candy, treats

US House of Representatives passes marijuana reform bill again

What we know about cannabis and depression

Legalized cannabis in Canada and US hasn’t killed illegal market

Ohio lawmakers introduce bill to legalize fentanyl testing strips

Your words matter – Language showing compassion and care for women, infants, families, and communities impacted by SUD

​Firefighters’ drug problems illustrate larger-scale need to help first responders

All you need to know about fatty liver disease; symptoms, treatment and more

Medication for AUD may thwart liver disease

​E-cigarettes may be more effective than nicotine patches in helping pregnant women who smoke quit, and are just as safe

​End of COVID-19 emergency endangers substance use treatment

State laws are treating fentanyl like the new crack—and making the same mistakes of the 80s and 90s

Fentanyl tainted pills cause drug fatalities among youth to soar

Alcohol-related deaths have soared during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cannabis vaping rising among teens

Video misleads on law enforcement fentanyl overdose risk

Federal court rules New York correctional facility must provide prescription methadone to inmates

Dopamine makes you feel happy, but we probably still have to rewrite the textbooks

Diverted buprenorphine may help prepare people with opioid-use disorder for treatment

​With overdose deaths rising, here’s how to test drugs for fentanyl

Urologists are helping combat the opioid epidemic, studies suggest

Esketamine shows antidepressant efficacy regardless of sleep disturbance in treatment-resistant depression

Anti-vaping bias undermines e-cigarette research? 

The potential dangers of ketamine telehealth services

Promising early results from largest-ever trial testing LSD for anxiety

Skyrocketing drug overdoses among adolescents 'very, very concerning' warns NIDA Director

Psychedelic drug startups want to help solve the mental health crisis

Emerging research about psychedelic mushrooms pushes legalization efforts

54% of Michigan pharmacies give Narcan unprescribed, study finds

Overdose deaths continue rising, with fentanyl and methamphetamine key culprits

Methamphetamine makes a comeback amid opioid crisis

As overdoses soar, more states decriminalize fentanyl testing strips

National Addiction Treatment Locator has outdated data and other critical flaws

​Weed at work: How HR leaders should handle the legalization of marijuana

Can a monthly injection be the key to curbing OUD? These experts say yes

States that legalized marijuana are bringing in more tax revenue on pot sales than alcohol

Ohio State campus warns of fake Adderall pills after two students die

​Army sued over discharges of soldiers with addiction issues

New insights on gene activity and addiction

Can medications help in lowering unemployment among people with ADHD?

Europe’s changing role in expanding cocaine and methamphetamine markets

FDA issues warning letters to companies illegally selling CBD and Delta-8 THC products

FDA explores new opioid disposal strategy

​Cocaine seizures soar in Chicago, surrounding states, as DEA ‘snow’ forecast comes true

A clash over online Adderall prescriptions is raising new questions about telehealth

Set and setting – the pillars of the psychedelic experience

Opioid overdose death toll has risen more than 5-fold among Indigenous Americans over past decade​​

How far should the menthol ban go?


​Understanding the potential impact of a menthol cigarette ban on young people

Cannabis smoking linked to heart attacks, but soy compound reverses risk

Creating effective policy in response to the opioid epidemic

Thyroid, growth hormones in children unaffected by 1 year of low-dose ADHD medications


FDA OKs new nonstimulant option for adult ADHD

Inside Afghanistan's flourishing methamphetamine trade

University of Arizona, Oklahoma State University join forces to combat opioid crisis and chronic pain

Program to reduce opioid scripts post-surgery worked for thyroid cancer patients

Kellogg, PepsiCo, General Mills call on Congress to act on copycat cannabis edibles

​Read abstract of related paper in Drug and Alcohol Dependence

​Denver schools to begin stocking Narcan 

​As overdoses rise, Colorado jails take different approaches for substance abuse treatment

​Johns Hopkins, Yale, and NYU are teaming up to tackle a key bottleneck that will arise as psychedelics come to market

California inmate overdoses plummet under drug program​​

Colorado senators approve house-passed MDMA legalization bill In committee

Oregon to become the first state to legally roll out psilocybin

Pittsburgh paramedics can provide buprenorphine to opioid overdose victims

Synthetic cathinones ("bath salts") appearing in Montreal drug supply.

White House drug control strategy stresses harm reduction, interdiction

​Washington state legislature strikes word 'marijuana' from state laws, citing racism

Study investigates how people are using TikTok as a part of their substance use disorder recovery​

Tobacco smoking rates are decreasing in people with major depression and substance use disorder​

More older adults struggle with substance misuse

​Sleep aids may help, but there are risks

​Colorado’s fentanyl bill will force more people into treatment. Treatment providers may not be ready

Psilocybin use associated with lowered odds of opioid use disorder

Click here to read the full paper in ​Scientific Reports

NIDA Director Nora Volkow discusses the current state of the opioid epidemic and how NIDA is actively shifting strategies

Alcohol and COVID-19: Behavioral and biological effects

Which opioids are safer to prescribe?

Integrating MAT, abstinence-based approaches to recovery drives patient engagement

CBT and medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder

​Psilocybin for therapy? Vets help sway conservatives

Denver program offered free drug test strips and Narcan. Demand was overwhelming. 

High-dose naloxone product launches in US

Late-onset alcohol misuse can be a presenting symptom of dementia

U.S. bills would make it easier to study health effects of marijuana​​

A vaccine for opioids: Current progress and future possibilities

FDA and DEA warn online pharmacies illegally selling Adderall 

​Driven by fentanyl, rates of fatal teen overdoses doubled in 2020

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps treat opioid addiction​​

​Executives support measurement-based care, but few use it

​Law enforcement seizures of pills containing fentanyl increased dramatically between 2018-2021

​Treatment for opioid use disorder often brings discrimination

Feds: Medical marijuana recommendations from doctors don’t excuse positive drug tests

House approves bill legalizing marijuana​

Study identifies risk factors for opioid overdose after first opioid prescription

​While eyes are on opioids, methamphetamine ending lives below surface

New U of Texas program makes Narcan accessible on campus

Another city decriminalizes psilocybin despite federal prohibition

Adolescents with severe substance use disorder more likely to report prescription drug misuse in adulthood

Oregon decriminalized drugs in 2020: How’s it going?

​Taliban clamp down on drugs, announce ban on poppy harvest

The tide is turning: More Las Vegas-area overdose deaths blamed on methamphetamine than fentanyl

More states legalize fentanyl test strips

Workforce drug test positivity climbs to highest level in two decades

Fentanyl's lethal toll continues. Nearly 10 million pills were seized last year​​

​Drug use severity in adolescence affects substance use disorder risk in adulthood

Indiana Nursing Board must allow use of opioid treatment meds, DOJ says

Cannabis-exposed babies face poorer metabolic health

Toxic air pollutants from smoking cannabis with a bong are 4 times worse than cigarettes, study finds​

Advocates aim to decriminalize psychedelic plants in Illinois

​Law enforcement seizures of pills containing fentanyl increased dramatically between 2018-2021

Contingency management for stimulant use disorder 

ASAM Editorial

Can doctors be held liable when prescribing opioids in good faith?

DEA unveils 'Emoji Drug Code' to educate parents about drug exchanges

Ending federal cannabis ban expected to get vote in U.S. House this week

Cannabis linked to less opioid use in back pain, osteoarthritis

Money flows onto addiction tech, but will it curb soaring opioid ODs?

​Experts debate the use of psychedelic drugs in medical treatment

​Only 1 in 4 people needing treatment received medication for opioid use disorder in past year

Many patients prescribed MAT for OUD in emergency settings failing to continue treatment

​NIH analysis of Reddit forum suggests experience of non-suicidal self-harm shares characteristics with addiction

Making psilocybin legal

DHHS issues favorable opinion on contingency management

Higher levels of take-home opioid agonist therapy during COVID-19 did not increase risk of overdose

More teens are overdosing on ADHD and anxiety medications

In US, alcohol use disorder linked to 232 million missed workdays annually

Study raises questions about risks of using medical marijuana for mood and anxiety disorders

Synthetic opioids stronger than fentanyl are appearing the U.S.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans are drinking or smoking more now than in January

Genetically modified skin grafts may aid in treatments for obesity and drug misuse

Does cannabis actually help with headaches?

Naloxone distribution insufficient in almost every state, study finds

Doctors, companies push to keep looser, pandemic-era rules for prescribing opioid addiction treatment via telemedicine

Pandemic fuels rise in tobacco use, cigarette sales

Young people's e-cigarette use is not a substantial gateway to regular smoking: study

​‘It’s not medical’: Oregon wrestles with how to offer psychedelics outside the health care system

Brain volumes shrink with one daily drink

HHS unveils standard clinical definition for opioid withdrawal in infants

Using hospital urinalysis results to track the drug epidemic​

NCAA raises marijuana testing threshold

Sleep ‘extremes’ more likely among cannabis users

We’re measuring opioid strength the wrong way:

Ketamine increases abstinence days in those with severe alcohol use disorder

CDC proposes new, more flexible guidelines for opioid prescribing

People who misuse amphetamines have a higher risk for psychosis

​Study ties brain inflammation to methamphetamine relapse

Read the journal article here

​Psychedelics can alter a person’s core metaphysical beliefs for as long as six months after use

NFL funds cannabis pain management study at UC San Diego

Signs of porn addiction and when to get help according to experts​

DEA launches new initiative to combat drug-related violence and overdoses

Justice Dept. signals it may allow safe injection sites

No, a government grant program will not hand out ‘crack pipes,' officials say

Substance use disorder in the senior population

​Commission identifies priorities for addressing synthetic opioid crisis

​Synthetic nicotine: Unregulated and increasingly popular

Ketamine is a short-term effective treatment for some suicidal patients in hospital

Urgency of drug-seeking habit, not drug itself, drives relapse

NFL awards $1 million for studies on cannabinoids’ effects

Recreational cannabis companies use marketing that appeals to adolescents, despite restrictions

Counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl flood Michigan drug market

Online forums like Reddit could work as drug use early warning system

Prescription drug misuse high among nurses during pandemic

Recidivism rates drop for inmates with OUD treated with buprenorphine

British Colombia has a safe supply of smokable heroin that no one can use yet

Addiction medicine consults can reduce deaths in high-risk patients with SUD

Acute alcohol consumption linked with increased risk for atrial fibrillation

Alcohol consumption among men drops during pandemic, but problem drinking rises

​Insurers falling seriously short in mental health, substance use disorder benefits, federal departments say

Opinion (New York Times): Should addiction be viewed as a disease?

It’s now possible to quantify a cannabis “high”

Penile necrosis after injecting cocaine into dorsal vein

Alarming increase in opioid OD deaths among older adults

Youth’s overdose death renews pleas for Narcan in schools​

​Free naloxone vending machine installed at southern Indiana hospital

Despite progress, buprenorphine use in US correctional settings falling short

Making addiction treatment more realistic and pragmatic

Cannabis use impacts cognitive ability beyond intoxication: study

A brain circuit linking pain and breathing may offer a path to prevent opioid deaths

​Limits on virtual addiction treatment may soon return, making care harder to access

Two thirds of physicians surveyed believe psilocybin therapy has potential benefit for patients with treatment-resistant depression​​

​Connectomics reveals role of dopamine in cocaine use disorder

U.S. law makes scientific research on marijuana too expensive and complicated

As opioid overdose deaths hit new record, pressure grows for safe places to inject drugs in Chicago

​Inside a pioneering U.S. site authorized to monitor people using drugs

No, smoking marijuana will not protect you against COVID-19

After cannabis legalization, more THC detected in injured drivers

Opioid overdose deaths among those 55+ soar, particularly among Black men

Read the full paperhereinJAMA Open Network

New models of SUD care needed to reduce pregnancy-associated deaths

Percentage of adolescents reporting drug use decreased significantly in 2021

Psychedelics And MDMA approved for medical use In Canada​

Opioid prescribing down 21% overall, but variances observed among groups

Study identifies safe dosage regimen for psilocybin

​Improving access to methadone can save lives

Does teen prescription drug misuse predict later substance problems?

The promises and perils of psychedelic health care

Kids' ED visits for cannabis exposure surged after legalization in Canada

​An inside view into how digital clinics for addiction work

Nearly one million overdose deaths have been reported since the beginning of the opioid crisis

Methamphetamine-Associated Psychosis: What Should Clinicians Know?
FDA: CBD Requires Separate Regulatory Pathway from Dietary Supplements, Food



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