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"Call of Duty" champion speaks out about Adderall abuse in esports

Methamphetamine resurging in Ohio, N. Kentucky

Opinion: Tobacco and vaping ban on campus

Low-barrier interim buprenorphine treatment effective in emerging adults

​Maryland will ban disposable e-cigarettes exempt from Trump policy

​Is it hemp or marijuana? New scanner gives instant answer

Study: Alcoholism-related deaths increasing for women

​Potential gene therapy to combat cocaine addiction

Why small changes to the language around addiction are so enormously important


What Is cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome?

San Francisco to open tent 'sobering' center for methamphetamine users

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Current Novel Psychoactive Substances Threats: Volume II

​U.S. opioid epidemic driving an increase in infectious diseases, report says

Find the full report here​​

Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad voted youths’ favorite

​Addiction Treatment on wheels — now we're getting somewhere

Complementary horse-assisted therapy for substance use disorders: a randomized controlled trial

​Concurrent prenatal drinking and smoking increases risk for SIDS

Surgeon General releases first report focused in smoking cessation in 30 years

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Long-term effects of drug overdoses on the brain

Treating Addiction as a Terminal Disease

​​​Care coordination key to helping pregnant women with SUD

Addressing the opioid epidemic: What the research says

Among America’s oldest, opioid overdoses are on the rise

​CBD oil off limits for service members

​Study: Medical cannabis may not ease sleep problems, especially for regular users

Read the abstract here in BMJ Journals  

Marijuana risky for people taking common heart medications 

​​​College students use more marijuana in legal states, binge drink less

​Scant evidence that pharmaceutical CBD or medicinal cannabis can reduce symptoms of mental disorders


​Kids see you when you're drinking and take note, according to Dutch study

​Ambien alternative? FDA approves insomnia drug that improves sleep in seniors

Pharmacists can help fill the naloxone dispensing gap

Why some churches are taking bold steps to treat opioid addiction — and what’s holding others back


February 9-15, 2020

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