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Arkansas communities fight battle against fentanyl disguised as Xanax and hydrocodone

Fentanyl laced with etizolam confirmed in Alberta, Canada

What is etizolam?

Read about this and other drugs here

Deadlier drug mix deepens crisis in British Columbia; naloxone not effective against new substances

​Missouri's opioid crisis receives three million in grant funding

Veterinary anti-worming agent levamisole once again showing up as a cut in cocaine

Johns Hopkins study finds drug overdoses linked to PTSD 

Three Las Vegas dispensaries under investigation for selling tainted 'Cherry OG' marijuana

West Virginia program promotes outdoor play as substance use deterrent

Parents’ marijuana use may increase children’s risk of use and favorable views of the drug

Illinois recreational marijuana sales reached almost $61 million in July, setting a record for the third month in a row

Pandemic can worsen odds for people recovering from addiction

FDA approves a nasal spray to treat suicidal patients

Fentanyl overdoses on the rise in the Denver metro area

​Weed is not good for your heart, studies say

The Surgeon General reemphasizes his support of syringe services programs

Can community members deliver naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses?

Experts explain what happens in your brain when you take psilocybin mushrooms

​Canada grants first legal exemptions for psilocybin use in 50 years

Study: 60% of residential programs offer no medications for OUD

Read the study in JAMA Psychiatryhere

Ease up on cannabis restrictions, heart group urges

Using telehealth to treat opioid addiction 

Southwest flight attendants speaking up about carry-on alcohol

​Researchers create app that alerts naloxone-trained volunteers to overdoses

Coping with co-morbid mental illness and substance use problems

Substance use is still prevalent among truck drivers

​​Telehealth can be a lifeline for patients with substance use disorders. Is it enough?

Trauma can't be shut down in  addiction treatment

Australian rehab clinics overwhelmed as waiting lists balloon during pandemic

​Iowa pharmacies offer free NARCAN®

​13 overdose deaths in Yukon so far this year is double last year's toll

How the pandemic is complicating America’s addiction crisis​​

Stigma vs science: Cannabis in the NBA

Prescription scams add to opioid crisis in Detroit

Nevada officials blame COVID-19 lockdown for surge in opioid abuse

The pandemic has changed addiction treatment, and some hope the changes last​​

​States scramble to deal with the compounding COVID and opioid epidemic

CBD shows promise for patients with Cannabis Use Disorder

​Fentanyl contributes to a rising death toll in Southern Nevada

Buffalo, NY spike in overdose deaths attributed to cocaine users

Which to choose: Pure CBD extracts or cannabis-derived CBD with some THC? 

Addiction recovery coaches help create unique action plans

​Budweiser's new beer is missing a key ingredient: Alcohol

Alcohol use and domestic violence

Association between methamphetamine use and emergency department outcomes

Technology-based CBT provides innovative options for SUD treatment

Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts to provide six  grants to respond to increased risks faced by individuals with OUD during the pandemic.

Year-old program in Cincinnati has helped mothers and children impacted by substance use thrive

In Las Vegas area fentanyl overdose deaths exceed prescription overdose deaths for first time

​Alcohol abuse may raise risk of death in patients with abnormal heart rhythms

​Purdue, Ivy Tech pair to offer new addiction studies concentration

​Prenatal methamphetamine exposure and adverse neonatal outcomes: A nationwide cohort study

I wasn't really that bad- When is it time to stop drinking?

The hidden  deaths of the COVID-19 pandemic

Pennsylvania hospital emergency department participating in NIH opioid recovery study

Children's Hospital Colorado Introduces Pediatric Medical Marijuana Policy

​How does rising global drug use affect the United States?​

Marijuana legalizations may not be a blue issue

Delaware plans another naloxone giveaway this week

FDA requiring labeling changes for opioid medications

As overdoses spike during coronavirus, treating addiction in prisons and jails Is a matter of life and death

Cannabis lowers self reported headaches by nearly 50 percent

Indiana University medical school receives $4 million grant to train addiction psychiatrists

​Online deliveries of cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy in Scotland rise during the lockdown

Fentanyl is back on the streets in Denver and it's killing more people

Pennsylvania announces two new prescribing guidelines as part of efforts to address substance use crisis

Ketamine may help treat MS-related fatigue, small pilot trial suggests

Magic mushrooms and the future of psychology

FDA says opioid labels must include information about naloxone​​

AMA report shows evolving, deadlier overdose epidemic

What impact is Coronavirus having on gambling?

Medical marijuana dispensaries are marketing false cures for opioid use disorder 

The brain’s immune cells may promote alcohol use problems​

Unfortunately, ex-smokers still face increased health risks

Only 29% of addiction treatment centers store records only electronically

Opioid overdoses have skyrocketed, but states are slashing addiction treatment program budgets 

Fatal overdoses climbed to record high in 2019, reversing historic progress​

Wisconsin opioid overdoses more than double during pandemic​

Legal marijuana may be slowing reductions in teen marijuana use, study says​

Is psychiatry shrinking what's considered normal?

Pseudo-science and the need for a better solution

Should we be drinking less?

Psychedelic research and the need for transparency: Polishing Alice's looking glass

​Pandemic drives up alcohol use across America, RTI survey finds​

Does alcohol make you 'poop'?​

Cartoons still common in online E-cig marketing
— Instagram search identified more than 100 vape liquid companies using cartoon images

California weighs steep new fines to combat illegal cannabis sellers

NY Survey: More people affected by the opioid crisis than 2 years ago​​

Opioid overdose death skyrocket in wake of pandemic; stronger drugs, scare treatment blamed

Methamphetamine found in 'purple fentanyl' sample in Canada

​U.S. sanctions four China-based individuals, firm over fentanyl

​Is it time to consider using medical marijuana?

​Expanding methadone maintenance to pharmacies may reduce driving times, increase access

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Comparison of driving times to opioid treatment programs and pharmacies in the US

Toronto Public Health warning of high number of suspected opioid deaths

​American LSD use up 56% since 2017

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Erase memories to help treat substance use disorders?

Pregnancy warning on alcoholic beverages mandatory in Australia and New Zealand within three years

​Many private post-acute care facilities explicitly discriminate patients with substance use disorder

“Father of Cannabis Research” identifies EPM301, a cannabis substance stronger than THC or CBD

In the shadows of the pandemic U.S. drug overdose rates resurge to record

Perspectives on cannabis research—Barriers and recommendations

Use of ketamine for a non-medical purpose: Statement from the American Society of Anesthesiologists

CDC: 1 in 10 Americans takes a prescription painkiller

CDC: About 71,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2019​​

​FDA finds inconsistent levels of CBD, and THC presence, in hemp-derived CBD products

Higher than expected: Illinois' June cannabis sales of $52.8 millions are double what state projected 

SAMHSA revises 42 CFR Part 2

Harvard study compares the costs and benefits of esketamine for depression

Cook County (IL) officials sound the alarm on rising opioid OD deaths

Iowa launches free naloxone initiative in pharmacies

Colorado cannabis sales top $192 million in June 

University of Minnesota awarded $9.9 million by NIDA to study how addiction affects the brain

What beer sales tell us about the recession

 ASAM commissions a chronicle of addiction medicine

​Bill could make remote addiction treatment permanent

​Cost-effectiveness of esketamine for depression

Read the abstract here in Psychiatric Services

​Ketamine for depression still too expensive for widespread use

​Marijuana concentrates spike THC levels but don't boost impairment

Use of electronic cigarettes associated with other drug use among youth.

1 in 3 young adults vulnerable to severe Covid-19 — and smoking plays a big part, research finds

MDMA: It's not just about the dose, but how you divide it (or not)

Neuroimaging study links 'addictive' smartphone use to altered brain activity

Read the abstract here in ​Addictive Behaviors

California creates first of kind cannabis appellation program

OMB completes review of FDA’s Cannabis Research Draft Guide

Biden-Sanders task force does not recommend legalizing marijuana 

Kansas City won’t punish marijuana possession after council strips it from city code

Center on Addiction changes it's name to Partnership to End Addiction

Click here to go to their website

Oregon residents will vote on psilocybin legalization in November

Click-Learning in recovery

Why willpower may not work for lasting change

High percentage of amphetamine use found in opioid ED cases

University of Florida named coordinating center for national drug abuse surveillance system

​Pandemic unleashes a spike in overdose deaths

Coronavirus crisis disrupts treatment for another epidemic: Addiction

Chronic use of synthetic cannabinoids associated with impairment in working memory and mental flexibility

Drug overdose deaths surge during pandemic

Coronavirus crisis disrupts treatment for another epidemic: Addiction

Marijuana use during pregnancy linked to children's sleep problems, even a decade later 

The endocannabinoid system: How cannabis interacts with the body

Read the abstract here in Sleep Health

American Cancer Society update: 'It is best not to drink alcohol

Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Harvard professor and noted addiction researcher, die at 92

Study advances understanding of brain connectivity in cannabis users

Dutch Minister states that the government will focus on prevention and treatment of gaming addiction

If smoking results in COPD, why hasn't the incidence gone down?

​Nitrous oxide being trialed to treat depression, PTSD and alcoholism

Psilocybin could help ex-soldiers to overcome trauma

Unless it’s done carefully, the rise of telehealth could widen health disparities

​How are different types of medical cannabis working for different diseases?

How racism fuels the fentanyl crisis in America

​Early marriage may lead to unsafe drinking behavior by those with higher genetic risk

​Italian police seize over $1 billion of 'ISIS-made' Captagon amphetamines

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What is the drug Captagon and how is it linked to the Islamic State group and a drug bust in Italy?

​See our Captagon fact sheet 

DEA: There's a black market for marijuana

Marijuana may be risky for your heart

Read the abstract here in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology 

Augmented esketamine nasal spray therapy effective for major depressive disorder

Kicking the habit: The opioid crisis and America's addiction to prohibition 

How are we going to keep people alive?' Behind the pandemic, overdoses are rising across West Virginia

Opioid dependency is part of our relationship but doesn't define it

Chronic prescription opioid use predicts stabilization on buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorder

Georgia health ch​ief warns of drug overdose increase during pandemic

Shifting the paradigm on cannabis safety

​The FBI called a powerful opioid developed for the military a public threat. The company selling the drug says it'll save lives.

Federal government approves methadone deliveries during pandemic

How attorneys can help as addiction cases rise during the pandemic

U.S. Navy warns of increase in personnel taking LSD

Phytochemical profile of cannabis plant: A review

3 New Mexico deaths from drinking hand sanitizer

Drop in coca crops, but increase in Colombian cocaine

With 40,000 Americans incarcerated for marijuana offenses, the cannabis industry needs to step ip, activists said this week

Brain plasticity in drug addiction: Burden and benefit

How the rise of telemedicine is helping fight the opioid crisis

​Florida bans bar alcohol consumption as coronavirus spikes​

Methamphetamine can ferry other drugs across the blood-brain barrier

A pill to fight alcoholism causes an uproar in France

Among people facing food insecurity, researchers find a hidden health issue: eating disorders

Why people using opioids for chronic pain shouldn't stop 'cold turkey'

​Read the Health and Human Services guidelines here

Why more states could legalize cannabis in 2021

Alberta to continue funding Virtual Opioid Dependency Program

Don't relapse now!

Youth drawn to e-cigarette products, despite higher risks

​How to reignite the fight against the nation’s opioid epidemic

Psychiatrist explores possible benefits of treating PTSD with MDMA or cannabis

Cannabis study suggests that women need less THC to get the same effect as men

The body show: What about the opioid crisis?

​Incarcerated people need health coverage to help stop drug overdose—and stem COVID-19 spread

​The opioid crisis continues — here's what we need to do

Uptick in buprenorphine use for OUD likely attributed to NP, PA prescribing habits

The beneficial effects of cannabis on PTSD are short lived

Alcoholics Anonymous, struggling to reach new members during the shutdown, expects a surge

Preventing opioid misuse and addiction: New thinking and the latest evidence

​As suicide, addiction death projections soar amid COVID-19, treatment centers struggle to stay alive too

Why the war on cocaine still isn't working

Opioids in America: Then and now

Opioid dependence after heart surgery linked to amount initially prescribed

Is it healthier to smoke weed or drink alcohol?

Study finds evidence that loneliness makes it harder to quit smoking

Broad support in Australia and New Zealand for alcohol pregnancy warning labels

Neuroimaging suggests resilience to drug addiction may come from better control over compulsive behaviors

Disordered eating in a disordered time

​​Beliefs about cannabis influence older adults' choice of treatments for chronic pain

Louisiana widening access to medical marijuana under new law

Colombia's potential cocaine output up 1.5% in 2019, says U.N. drug agency

The meth problem starting to show once again

Airlines are axing alcoholic drinks amid COVID-19

NIDA researchers adapt their projects to study COVID-19 

(NIDA Director's blog)

Stronger brain circuit connectivity may predict nicotine dependence severity

New synthetic cannabinoid compound in Canadian heroin supply amid surging fatal ODs

Researchers flush out worrying trend of designer drug use

Addressing the stigma of addiction

Pandemic creates challenges, new opportunities for treating patients with substance use disorders

Researchers face hurdles in examining COVID-19 racial disparities

A new addiction crisis: Treatment centers face financial collapse

Opioid use and drug safety during COVID-19 (Recorded Facebook session with NIDA Director Dr. Nora Volkow)  

DEA placed synthetic cathinone ethylone in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act

A hidden change in the CARES Act undermines privacy for addiction patients

Screening for drug use in primary care (JAMA Network full article)

The coronavirus has gutted the price of coca. It could reshape the cocaine trade.

​​Increase in methamphetamine case in New Hampshire crime lab a further indicator of increased stimulant use

Fentanyl tops list of drugs found in Baltimore OD patients

New molecule stops drug craving in mice with fewer side effects

COVID-19 pandemic leading to surge in overdose deaths in Chicago and beyond

South Carolina: 'We were already in an epidemic’: How coronavirus has impacted addiction recovery

Revisions to Joint Commission’s standards for SUD programs go into effect July 1.

Read the regulations here

LGBTQ older adults at higher risk for substance use disorders

Young college women more likely than men to exhibit alcoholism

​Read the abstract in Trends in Neuroscience and Education here

Racism and substance addiction

A message from the CEO, Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the Center on Addiction

Kentucky officials: Tainted "Xanax" overdoses still climbing

​Breakthrough psilocybin study uncovers neurochemical origins of human ego

Antidepressant Zoloft falls into shortage as virus strains supplies

Putting workplace drug and alcohol testing in the spotlight

Finding 850K worth of cocaine in a car you just bought is definitely surprising

Understanding the genetics of alcoholism: 29 gene variants identified 

Read the abstract here in Nature Neuroscience

Adulterants, contaminants and co-occurring substances in drugs on the illegal market in Canada 

Fatal opioid overdoses may be more common than thought

Any level of drinking or smoking while pregnant may affect your newborn's brain development, study says

Drug overdoses climb during COVID-19 pandemic

75,000 Americans at risk of dying from overdose or suicide due to coronavirus despair, group warns​

Addiction services face closures, cutbacks amid COVID-19 outbreak

​​New designer opioid linked to overdose deaths in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana

Missouri legislature passes bill banning certain forms of marijuana edibles

Canadian study finds that enzymes in cannabis could treat COVID-19

Psychedelic drugs could help treat the mental health epidemic we'll face after coronavirus

Social distancing can be dangerous for people in addiction. Can a knock on the door help?

​Coronavirus Ireland: Prescription drug abuse set to soar during lockdown

SAMSHA publishes new TIP 63: Medications for Opioid Use Disorder ​

Illinois coroner blames overdose spike partly on COVID-19​

Oklahoma law enforcement investigating deaths related to fentanyl in counterfeit oxycodone tablets

Alcohol beverage association reports strongest one week sales growth since beginning of lockdown

​Economic recovery from pandemic requires investment in recovery of a different kind

Covid-19 has streamlined addiction medicine. Will the changes stick?

Sheltering at home can be hell for children with an addicted parent

CBD might not cause you to fail a drug test, but CBN might

Minnesota law enforcement warns of counterfeit Perocet tablets containing fentanyl

​A tale of two epidemics: When COVID-19 and opioid addiction collide

Problem drinking soars under UK lockdown

​UK report: Coronavirus crisis could increase users' drug habits 

Proximity of non-alcoholic "near beer" widens 

Psychedelic drugs can improve quality of life - and death - for older adults

Study finds heavy cannabis use affects human genome

Daily users account for over 80% of all cannabis consumed in Australia

What is happening to people in drug treatment and recovery housing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

French scientists to test theory that nicotine fights COVID-19

Health experts worry coronavirus will set back opioid fight

How bars and nightclubs can help prevent fentanyl-involved overdoses

​Can smoking marijuana increase your risk of getting the COVID-19 virus?

​Overdose calls are rising, but some police in Indiana and Texas have been banned from giving naloxone

Methadone dosing could be more precise. University of Buffalo study shows how

Read the full paper here

COVID-19: An opportunity, challenge for addiction treatment, NIDA director says

Medical marijuana telehealth gets green light during COVID pandemic

FDA’s rejection of ‘abuse deterrent’ version of oxycodone upheld

Stuck at home: Addiction experts say watch for signs of alcohol, drugs​​

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