Field study supports lasting mood benefits of psychedelics

Psilocybin induces time-dependent changes in global functional connectivity: Psi-induced changes in brain connectivity

(Full text paper in Biological Psychiatry​)

​CBD oil off limits for service members

​Study: Medical cannabis may not ease sleep problems, especially for regular users

Read the abstract here in BMJ Journals  

​Coalition of experts create new guidelines for older adults with substance use disorders

America’s favorite poison: Whatever happened to the anti-alcohol movement?

Marijuana risky for people taking common heart medications 


Americans drinking more now than just before prohibition

​Binge drinking is on the rise: What to know about the risks

​College students use more marijuana in legal states, binge drink less

​Scant evidence that pharmaceutical CBD or medicinal cannabis can reduce symptoms of mental disorders


Methamphetamine passes marijuana as most-submitted drug to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Medicaid expansion and opioid deaths

Sad people more prone to become chain smokers 

​Study: Binge drinking on the rise, officials believe new drinks hide alcohol taste

Drug test results signal great concern over methamphetamine trend

Death by alcohol: More people are dying from drinking too much

​Kids see you when you're drinking and take note, according to Dutch study

Eating cannabis also carries risks warn doctors: 'Legal does not necessarily mean safe'​


Participation in a hospital incentive program for follow-up treatment for opioid use disorder

(Full text research letter from JAMA) 

​Ambien alternative? FDA approves insomnia drug that improves sleep in seniors

Pharmacists can help fill the naloxone dispensing gap

From the Darknet to Snapchat dealers: This was the decade of Internet drugs

Why some churches are taking bold steps to treat opioid addiction — and what’s holding others back

Is CBD a cure-all?

Psilocybin sessions: Psychedelics could help people with addiction and anxiety


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