Prices of heroin and meth increase as coronavirus pandemic hits drug trade

Study of extended-release buprenorphine yields diverse benefits

Slowly learning the hard way: U.S. America’s war on drugs and implications for Mexico

​Experts study COVID-19 and cannabis use

I was addicted to Adderall for a decade. What did it give me?

Experts warn of associated health risks of edible cannabis

​Amid coronavirus, recovery community urges: Even if you skip 12-step meetings, stay connected

No, marijuana is not a miracle

cure for COVID-19

AA meetings, addiction counseling move online as social-distancing guidelines limit group gatherings

​12-step programs use technology, social distancing during COVID-19 crisis


Opioid addiction is a disease of isolation,' so pandemic puts recovery at risk

In a town where methamphetamine is eclipsing opioids, everyone feels the pain

With meetings banned, millions struggle to stay sober on their own

​COVID-19: Potential implications for individuals with substance use disorders

(Blog by NIDA Director Dr. Nora Volkow)

Trends in alcohol-induced deaths in the United States, 2000-2016 

(JAMA network full text)

Ohio OKs take-home methadone under strict new guidelines due to COVID-19 pandemic

U.S. Raids unlikely to crack Mexican capo's drug empire

​Experts fear coronavirus crisis putting those recovering from addictions at risk

To fight Mongolia’s drinking crisis, recovering alcoholics offer a lifeline​


​Ohio OKs take-home methadone under strict new guidelines due to COVID-19 pandemic

How smoking, vaping and drug use might increase risks from Covid-19​

​CDC: Opioid overdose deaths fall
-Prescription opioid and heroin deaths drop, but deaths from synthetic opioids continue to climb

Click here to read the CDC report  

​Study: Opioid agonists lead to lower risk of fatal overdose in patients with OUD

​​3 men will continue to receive addiction medication In prison under settlement with ACLU

​Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12‐step programs for alcohol use disorder

(Full paper)

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The evidence on Alcoholics Anonymous (Psychology Today blog)

Contingency management: A highly effective treatment for substance use disorders and the legal barriers that stand in its way

Stories from previous editions

 The death toll of the opioid epidemic is higher than originally thought, researchers say

Cannabis satisfaction high despite little change in pain scores- Better sleep may be driving satisfaction in chronic pain patients, study suggests

Implications of coronavirus on the illicit drug market

Can physicians spot prescription drug misuse?

Methamphetamine users find treatment hard to come by

More addiction treatment docs needed for opioid crisis, House panel told

One state has figured out how to treat drug-addicted inmates

​​Think marijuana isn't addictive? Former users say think again

Benzodiazepines contributing to deadly opioid overdoses

Marijuana use continues to grow among older adults

Alcohol ads leading teens to drink

A cocaine vaccine? Not as far fetched as ​you think

Women mistakenly snorts 550 times times the 'normal' dose of LSD thinking it was cocaine

America's first safe injection site to open in Philadelphia

​Case of poisoning: Liquids containing cannabidiols for e-cigarettes can be manipulated

"Call of Duty" champion speaks out about Adderall abuse in esports

Study: Alcoholism-related deaths increasing for women

​Potential gene therapy to combat cocaine addiction

​​​What Is cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome?

San Francisco to open tent 'sobering' center for methamphetamine users

​U.S. opioid epidemic driving an increase in infectious diseases, report says

Find the full report here​​

​Addiction Treatment on wheels — now we're getting somewhere

​Health experts fear more stoned drivers are taking the wheel following pot legalization

​​​Care coordination key to helping pregnant women with SUD

Addressing the opioid epidemic: What the research says

Study: Medical cannabis may not ease sleep problems, especially for regular users

Read the abstract here in BMJ Journals  

Marijuana risky for people taking common heart medications 

​​​College students use more marijuana in legal states, binge drink less

​Scant evidence that pharmaceutical CBD or medicinal cannabis can reduce symptoms of mental disorders


​Kids see you when you're drinking and take note, according to Dutch study

​​Why some churches are taking bold steps to treat opioid addiction — and what’s holding others back 


March 29-April 4, 2020


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