National Recovery Month

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Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs Declines Among Adolescents

American Public Health Association: Four Reasons Why All Pharmacies Should Ditch Tobacco

CVS Turns Its Back on $2 Billion In Sales by Ending Sale of Tobacco Products

One in Five Men Admit to Violence Against Spouse or Partner

CDC Says Rate of Opioid Pain Killer Deaths Have Decreased

Study Identifies Reasons Why Clients in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Use Synthetic Cannabinoids

Study Shows Estrogen Affects Cannabis Sensitivity

Inpatient Treatment for Heroin Use Disorders Would be Funded Under Proposed House Bill

As Marijuana Decriminalization Spreads, Public Health Prepares: Health Effects, Regulations Examined

Rhode Island CVS Stories Offer Naloxone Without a Presciption to Counter Opioid Overdoses


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