JRW Behavioral Health Services provides training and consultation on addiction science, the treatment and prevention of substance use disorders, and the interaction of addiction and domestic violence, child maltreatment and criminal justice. We also offer program development and management services, work closely with businesses to provide drug-free workplace services and make referrals to dedicated colleagues who provide specialized behavioral health training, consultation and publications as well as clinical services.


Rhode Island CVS Stories Offer Narcan (naloxone) Without a Presciption to Counter Opioid Overdoses

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Publishes Final Rule on Rescheduling of Hydrocodone

Attorney Robert A. White and Former Secretary of Education/Drug Czar Wllliam Bennett in Wall Street Journal: Legal Pot is a Public Health Menance

New York Man Sentenced in 2013 "Molly" Overdose Case

Public Warned of High-Potency Marijuana Extract "Wax"

Obscure Law Restricts Medicare Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

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JRW Behavioral Health Services is a founding member of The Chicago Lakeside Group